Vacuum casting using silicone tool


Vacuum casting using silicone tool

Casting small series of parts with rubber- or plasiclike properties in expo finish

Small series of parts (5-200pcs.) can be realized with this technology at very little financial investment. From a 3d printed mastermodel, a silicone mold is casted. Under a vacuum atmosphere about 25 parts can be molded in a PU plastic with properties ranging from rubber-like to glassfilled Nylon-like, and several gradations in between. Part can be used straight out of tool or can be coated in any color or finish needed.

Available materials are ABS-like PU, HDPE-like PU, PA & PA-GF like PU, Transparent PMMA-like PU, Hightemperature resistant PU,

UL-V0 flameretardent PU and rubberlike PU’s ranging from 40-90 shore A.

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